Protima Is The Choice Of Rug Cleaning Professionals.

Poland-based Protima manufactures top quality equipment, tools, and accessories for rug washing facilities around the world. Our superior production and reliable service supports some of the fastest growing rug cleaning operations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the United States.

Faster Rug Drying:

Our rug centrifuge spinner is the fastest, most effective way to remove water from washed rugs and dramatically improve a rug facility's drying time. Faster drying has the added benefits of eliminating the most common rug cleaning problems caused by  long dry times (i.e. fringe discoloration, dye migration, and rug buckling). Faster drying also means faster profits!  

Rug Cleaning Equipment

Our rug cleaning equipment line gives rug professionals the best choices for their rug cleaning needs. Rug wash tubs allow for thorough soaking and decontamination of heavily soiled or pet-contaminated rugs. Our automated flatbed washer allows high production while saving time (as well as saving on labor, water, and chemical costs). Brush selection can vary based on synthetic or natural fiber rugs.

Rug Detailing & Finishing Machines

The best rug cleaning companies have a high attention to details and create a system for their quality control. This machine helps with that system by allowing an easy process of inspecting, grooming, and bundling up each finished rug with confidence. Trim pulls, catch quick repairs, and wrap up with ease.

Automatic Rug Dusting Equipment

The superior design of our large automatic rug dusters shake free embedded soils while also removing pet hair and debris from both sides of the rug. Containment prevents this dust from spreading all throughout your rug cleaning facility. Very thorough dusting at a fraction of the time of other methods. Smaller portable rug dusting machines are also affordable tools to enhance your dusting results.

Drying Rack Systems

Our large electric drying pole systems allow high volume rug cleaning operations to maximize their production and profitability. Our mobile dry rack systems provide the flexibility of moving rugs anywhere indoors or outdoors to utilize the space you have for peak drying capacity. Whether you are a small or large rug facility, we have a system to meet your drying needs and space.

Rug Storing and Transport Tools

Moving and storing rugs has never been easier! Whether your rug is wet and heading to the Centrifuge, dry and heading to the Finishing Table, or being placed on a storage shelf waiting for customer pickup, we have the tools to do your heavy lifting and to keep your rug stacks organized.

Protima Around The World

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