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Inspection & Packing Table Economic 9,8’


This mobile packing table allows to roll up and pack carpets in a fast and convenient way. It helps to reduce the time of carpets packing without squatting on the ground and knee abrasion.The device has a very simple and intuitive control panel that allows you to turn on / off, change the direction of transport tape of the device and the potentiometer to change the feed speed. Moreover, the table has been equipped with a main switch and two safety switches. An operator can check the quality of the service while carpet packing thanks to three LED lamps placed directly above the transport tape. The table also has a foldable shelf for holding rugs up and openwork platform along the entire length of the table on which you can store rugs or any items weighing up to 220 lb. Economic S-3000 is 100% mobile thanks. Packing table can also be a great stationary device after unscrewing the wheels and setting it on rubber backings. Tornado S-3000 is recommended for medium and large carpet laundry stations with daily processing over 650 ft2.

Key Advantages

  • working capacity up to 40 rugs per hour
  • full device mobility
  • foldable shelf for holding rugs up
  • simple and intuitive control panel
  • feed speed regulation
  • two emergency switches
  • LED lighting for quality control
  • openwork shelf on the entire length of the table
  • very good price

Technical Data
Maximum Rug Width:
Working capacity:
430 sq ft per hour
11,22 feet
4,60 feet
5,80 feet
695 lbs
Outer Material:
Hot-Dip Galvanizing
Engine Power:
0.75 kW
Engine rpm:
Power Supply:
Reverse Gear:
12 months
Extended Warranty:

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