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Rug Trolley Economic 50-200 Hot - Dip Galvanised

Rug&Carpet Trolley Economic 50-200 Hot - Dip Galvanised is intended for convenient removal of the rugs from wash tubs P-3300, P-2500 and transporting them onto the washing machines Tornado and Economic ASZ-3000 for further washing. The trolley can be also helpful in numerous other scenarios at rug cleaning plants where oftentimes both dry and wet rugs must be transported. The trolley is made entirely of steel hot-dip galvanised and placed on four rubber wheels. The trolley has a suitable height for placing rugs into centrifuge Tornado WS-4500-11.
Key Advantages

  • very high durability
  • facilitates removing and transporting wet carpets from washing tubs
  • loading height 770 mm fits all washing tubs and rug washing machines
  • made entirely of hot-dip galvanised steel
  • four swivel wheels INOX

Technical Data
Maximum Rug Width:
6,56 feet
1,58 feet
2,53 feet
50 lbs
Outer Material:
Hot-Dip Galvanizing
Loading Height:
2,53 inches
12 months

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