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Mobile steel sump tray Tornado WW-60

A mobile sump tray ensures the safe indoor storage of rug cleaning detergents. It is made of INOX stainless steel. It prevents spillage and loss of detergents while pouring them in everyday work. When the spill occurs, all chemicals are collected at the bottom of the tray. In such a way, we can ensure the safety of our employees, maintain the cleanliness of the place, and also protect the environment.The advantages of using a sump tray:
1. It can be used as a portable detergents store while washing rugs.
2. The spilled concentrate is collected at the bottom of the sump tray and can be used later on.
3. It minimizes the possibility of an accident on a slippery floor, flooded with a rug cleaning detergent.
4. Some penalties imposed by an institution that controls environmental standards will be avoided
Key Advantages

• durable and portable sump tray made of INOX stainless steel

• removable hot-dip galvanized steel grate
• 4 swivel wheels with bodies made of INOX stainless steel
• aesthetic look
• capacity up to 60 liters
• loading weight up to 150 kg

Technical Data
3,28 feet
1,97 feet
0,66 feet
27 lbs
Outer Material:
Stainless Steel
Loading Height:
0,66 inches
Number of Water Drains:
Water Drains Diameter:
0,33 inches
12 months
Extended Warranty:

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