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Automatic Washing Machine Economic ASZ-1800 INOX Stainless Steel


Automatic Washing Machine Economic ASZ-1800 provides an economical and more compact option for automated washing and rinsing of rugs. Rugs can be placed into the machine feed wet, following soaking in a Wash Tub, or can be placed into the machine feed dry, following the Rug Duster.

This machine is an excellent addition to facilities equipped with our larger Automatic Washing Machines, as this model can handle high volume cleaning of smaller rugs, with lower cost of electric, water, and solution use. This addition can help maximize the daily production of your rug cleaning plant.

This machine is also an excellent choice for facilities that do not have the space for a larger machine, or are not quite ready to equip their rug cleaning company with a large machines.

This model is designed with three sections of cleaning and rinsing of rugs up to 6 feet 1 inch wide. The washing process takes 3 – 8 minutes depending on the rug size and level of soiling. The machine is able to work with all types of brush choices (hard, medium, soft). Quick and easy brush replacement. An electric system for raising and lowering the rotary disc brushes.

The 3 sections of the machine are:

1. Pre-soaking and spray application of detergents. Application can be adjusted.

2. Row of two 17-inch rotary brushes with smooth pressure adjustment (up to 220 lbs.).

3. Squeegee and rinsing components, pressurized spray nozzles (adjustable up to 2175 psi), and a smooth roller bar to press away water and detergent.

Economic ASZ-1800 has a very simple and intuitive main control panel placed in the middle of the machine. The cleaning and rinsing sections have sensors that adjust the working range to the width of the rug. Speed and feed control is easily adjusted. This design is easily operated by one person.

The system is designed with a movable pressure tube at the rinsing end which allows you to move the rinsed and rolled rug on to a Transport Trolley for loading into the Centrifuge. There is a water capture system at the bottom of the machine for facilities that filter and recycle their water.

Dosage and Usage:

Key Advantages

  • Working capacity up to 20 rugs per hour.
  • Electric system for raising and lowering the brushes.
  • Continuous operation without having to turn off the machine.
  • Three sections of cleaning and rinsing.
  • Installed high pressure water jet unit (up to 2175 psi).
  • Smooth pressure adjustment of brushes and roller.
  • Adjustable feed rate, including reverse.
  • Simple and intuitive main control panel.
  • Two emergency shut-off switches.
  • Rug rolling-up function.
  • Water collection system.
  • Two detergent dispensers.
  • Engines and transmission components hidden behind protective shields ensuring 100% safety.
  • Possible to visually inspect rugs during the entire cleaning process.
  • Easily operated by one person.
  • Compact size allows installation in most rug cleaning facilities.
  • Machine is delivered on wheels, which allows for easy transport and installation.

Technical Data
Maximum Rug Width:
6 feet 1 inch
Working capacity:
861 sq ft per hour
7.4 feet
4.59 feet
4.98 feet
1,521 lbs
Outer Material:
Stainless Steel
Loading Height:
31.5 inches
Number of Water Drains:
Water Drains Diameter:
4.33 inches
Engine Power:
8,7 kW
Power Supply:
32A 5P 400V
Running Time Counter:
Reverse Gear:
12 months
Extended Warranty:

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